Hosting Affiliate Program

Acela Hosting Affiliate Program

Let me apologize for this obvious sales pitch but I have to get your attention.
Do you want your design clients to really succeed instead
of just disappear like most clients in a year or two?

Do you want to get paid to do it?

We are Acela Internet Success Solutions and we are dedicated to the success of your clients. Our model is a complete and proven system designed not only for the success of the Internet business, but the personal success of the business owner as well.

Acela is a consulting service that unlike conventional consulting services provides all the tools that are absolutely necessary to real Internet success. Using our Hosting Affiliate Program you can provide your clients with premium hosting, search engine optimization, search engine submission, advanced aggregate data tracking systems, a detailed operations manual that is a step by step guide to real success, and our staff with 24/7 support.

Our system of innovation, quantification, and orchestration provides huge success for your clients and tremendous opportunity for an ongoing revenue stream from long-term site maintenance.

Here’s how it works

When you have taken on a new client and have begun the design process, you explain to them the Acela Internet Success Solution as the only way to go. (It really is…) We do all the billing for our services so there is no obligation on your part. Set up the client’s account on our servers and within minutes you will have an e-mail sent to you and to the client with the username and password, static IP address, secure server links and a URL for our comprehensive backroom control panel. That is where you go and set up their email, MySQL server, shopping solutions and much more… All this for a onetime setup fee of $199 and $59.95 a month.

Ok… The site is up and we go to work. The Hosting Affiliate Program will provide a 20 point check list for your design and consulting team to work with the client in building a search engine friendly website. Acela begins submissions and prepares a search engine report, and the traffic generation systems begin. Now it is time to start using the data tracking systems and start discovering where their visitors are coming from, and what are they doing on their site.

Now starts the innovation process . Based on the information from the tracking systems and the recommendations from the operations manual they will come to you (or we will send them to you) for the changes to be made. These changes are anywhere from adding pages, changing font colors, editing copy, adding photography, etc.
Our promise to you is we will never do design work on your client’s websites. They are YOUR design clients not ours. We focus on what we do best and allow you to do what you do best. This is what is best for the client. Then quantification… go back to the tracking systems and find out “Did the innovations work?” if NO, it's back to innovation, remember not every idea works. If YES, then on to the most important part, Orchestration. Your client then puts the “proven positive” changes into policy by documenting the effective font colors, effective point sizes, and using those new policies every time. Success requires planning.

We'll show your clients how to run their business intentionally instead of accidentally.

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