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This forum is for the ONEKO Internet Entrepreneurs @ LinkedIN.com. We are dedicated to not only making sure websites are successful, but making sure that the website is capable of meeting the goals of the owners. We discuss not only design and marketing but business philosophies from Gerber’s E-Myth, Clason’s Richest man in Babylon, and Kiyosaki’s Rich dad poor dad. Success requires planning!

Every single person on LinkedIN is on the Internet. Some eat, sleep, and breath the web. They make their very living on the net. When the net goes down at the office and there is no e-mail, no instant messaging, no VoIP phones you sit and stare at each other wondering 2 things, 1)What are we gonna do now? 2)When is the net coming back(nah.. this has never happened to us.. ;-) ). Or the others who can barely get on enough to get to LinkedIN to meet a new contact. Either way, you want to be successful on the Internet.

This is also a place to come and learn, to come and ask questions of your peers, and to voice opinions. ONEKO moderators are experienced business professionals and are here to help in any way we can. For questions that are not part of an existing thread try "Ask ONEKO" for the answers.

To become a member of this group, just join here . ONEKO Internet Entrepreneurs has been changed from a forum (wiki) system to a Yahoo! Groups system. Existing members will be migrated in the next few days so don't be alarmed of the low membership count in the group. OIE is growning fast and we look forward to being a driving force on the LinkedIn Network.

Very Sincerely,
Partners in Success,
Your Moderators, Thomas, Dawn and Andrew



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